domingo, octubre 29, 2006

Post in Pictures..

Lets start off with the Moon Festival fiesta at Susan's ...

Moving on, a reminder of the MAD, MAD Bar Crawl @ IESE

This is my study group (GO A1!) working on the OB report

Still working, boy all that OB can be exhausting!

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jueves, octubre 19, 2006

Day of Fiascos

Clearly, something wasn't right today. The first lecture (Corporate Financial Accounting) went off like a Ferrari doing 180 on the freeway. Was it just me in the class going "Huh?" or is there anyone else out there? One thing I know for sure - I don't like Italian companies any more. Atleast the way they do accounting. Although I must admit that it was a laugh when one of the Italian women in my class went "... those crazy Italians!".

Next up was Managerial Communications, which generally tends to go well. Not today. It was my turn to speak to the class about a topic of my choice (The Google-YouTube wedding), and while everyone else seemed to finish their speeches / presentations in the allocated 5 minutes, I rambled on for about 12 odd minutes until the Prof had to actually jut in to stop me from taking any more time. And to think that last night when I went over the presentation out loud in the confines of my room, it took 4.5 minutes. Bizarre.

Finally, it was the lunch break that took the cake. I was trying to subscribe to the latest additions in the list of corporate presentations on campus when, on clicking save, I got a little pop-up that said "You have successfully deleted 16 presentations". And to think there isn't a DELETE button on the damn web page! I was about to lose my cool when thankfully someone from the career services made sure that they re-subscribed me to almost all the presentations that I wanted to go for. Only later did I find out that it wasn't just me in the boat.

Hope everything's back to normal from tomorrow on.

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domingo, octubre 15, 2006

The London Banking Tour

Over the last long weekend (Thursday and Friday were holidays in Spain), as is tradition, everyone from IESE interested in a career in Investment Banking headed out to London to visit banks, meet the recruiters and speak to alumni to find out what a job as an investment banker entailed.

For me, there was a 2-fold benefit. Not only would I glean valuable information, I'd also get to visit some of my closest friends who're in London, but lets stick to business here.

Over the course of 2 days, approximately 100 of us (the biggest Banking Tour in the history of IESE) visited the who's who of the Investment Banking world, attended presentations, met alumni, toured trading floors and for the most part, convinced ourselves that this was the right job for us.

While each bank laid out it's own statistics about how they were better employers than the rest, what impressed me mostly was the number of people who put their daily lives on hold to speak to us, to clear any misconceptions and to promote their employers. Some even went to the extent of telling us what we should / avoid putting in our cover letters, things recruiters don't/ want to hear in interviews etc. Over all, an amazing value addition for someone like me coming from a non-financial background, who earlier wouldn't recognize a DCF if it bit me in the ass.

Pictures to follow!

(In other news, three cheers to IESE for coming out on top of the EIU Business School Rankings yet one more time!)

martes, octubre 03, 2006

The First Few Days

To put it in one word, chaotic. It's only been 2 days since we started taking the "proper" MBA classes (everything else before this was just a warm-up), and already I am a classic case of having to juggle too many balls at once.

Term I at IESE consists of 6 core subjects - Decision Analysis, Analysis of Business Problems, Marketing Management, Financial Accounting, Managing People in Organisations and Managerial Communications. If you're fortunate enough, I repeat, fortunate enough (because the professors are so damn good!) to need Spanish lessons, that's one more subject to study.

Lets break this down. Typically, there are 3 lectures per day + Spanish, so there's a minimum of 3 cases to study at home each day. Considering Spanish class gets over at 1700h and you're home by 1800h, you're still talking about a minimum of 6 more hours of study per day - and that's excluding Spanish. A typical First-termer goes to bed at 0100 and wakes up at 0630, so that's only 5.5 hours of beauty sleep!

Personally, I guess that Year-1 is purposefully made hectic by the professors to allow us to prioritize needs, like the way I choose to blog instead of reading a Financial Accounting case!

On the plus side though (yes, there is a plus side!), the learning curve is amazingly steep. Already we've seen and spoken about industries and companies that I had no inkling about, and considering class participation plays a solid role (well, depending on the subject) in the grading system, the option of taking it easy doesn't exist.

Bring it on!

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