viernes, septiembre 28, 2007

Back to school

So it's been 2 days since school started and things are back to normal already. Since we get to choose the electives that we want, I went in for -
INTEC (International Applied Economics)
MECMI (Marketing of Experiences, Innovative Concepts and Media)
COCOM (Corporate Communications)
PERSO (Personalidad y liderazgo - my spanish credit for the bilingual degree)
BRAND (Brands and Advertising) and
CORPO (Corporate Strategy)

This week has been pretty laid back as I only had 2 classes a day, between 14h00 and 17h00. But starting Monday, it's going to be the usual routine of 09h45 to 17h00, with a 3 hour break in between. May be I can put that time to good use? Let's see.

Quick one before I leave for dinner - In today's CORPO case on the Walt Disney Company, the professor was mentioning how Disney World was a holiday experience and not just a one-day trip any more, when she inadvertently said "So people like T***** (female student) like to go to Disney World to spend a few days there, wake up next to Mickey Mouse.."

Oh, the laughter in the class...

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martes, septiembre 25, 2007

En Route (the other way)

Exactly 23 days ago I blogged from this same spot on my way to India, and I'm doing an encore on my way back to Barcelona. The difference? I'm one (wisdom) tooth short, probably a skin shade lighter (I barely saw any sun during my entire time back home!) and a few kilos heavier.

Few more hours to go before the reality of classes, cases and job searches sinks in, but hey, I'm glad to be back in BCN, I enjoy it there. Only wish is that my vacation were a tad longer ... you can only have so much food in a month! :(


domingo, septiembre 02, 2007

En Route

My first time in Finland (I'm flying back home via Helsinki), and I only get to see the airport. Bah, well. I'm sitting by a window overlooking the airstrip, next to the woods, and you'll only have to take my word on how beautiful everything is (since I didn't get my camera and am dangerously low on my mobile battery, I can't take pictures).

My last day at work was pretty uneventful - apart from the fact that there was suddenly some work to be handed in, which by now has become du jour. Later that day I had a chance to chat with some other people from IESE who had done consulting internships at other companies, and I wasn't surprised to hear that a few of them didn't have a lot to do during their entire duration at their respective firms - it's August and everyone's on holiday... the consultants, their clients, everyone.

In comparison I consider myself lucky to have worked on 2 very hectic projects. Apart from that, I'm also helping my employers out with other activiies at IESE where they would like to be involved, such as sponsoring events, participating in the career forum, organizing activities with other clubs etc. Hopefully all this should help me gain some brownie points while pitching for a full time job.

Alright, that's it. I have an hour and a half more of waiting for my flight home, which I intend to waste in doing mindless games on the web and watching people. Feels good to be doing nothing for a while.

I know I'm gonna be bored soon.


sábado, septiembre 01, 2007

Home, Sweet Home
The internship as it was ended last night, and I've written enough things about it to reiterate again. Right now it's home, sweet home for a month and then back to books for another year.
Vacation time, finally!

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