miƩrcoles, junio 28, 2006

Update time! I know I've been a bit lax in updating this blog but I blame it entirely on my unending list of things to do, plus a false family emergency that sent me scurrying off in all directions. I hope my sole reader hasn't given up on me yet.

Anyways to get things started, I just received this from IESE -

For those who have a sight problem (like I do), it's a fancy-ish box containing a pen-drive (512 megs), a pencil and a card holder, all branded by IESE. While it's not much to look at, the information that the pen-drive contains is practically invaluable for someone like me who's about to start school. So thanks to this, I now know that -

* Pre-term now starts on the 30th of August and not the 1st of September as I previously imagined.

* The first day itself has a Spanish entry level test. Gee, I can hardly wait.

* We have roughly a squillion hours of Spanish during September.

* The other precourses, viz. Introduction to Financial Accounting and Basic Quantitative Methods begin mid-September-ish.

* The pace really kicks up end September when we'll actually have all the incoming students present at the campus (including those exempt from the Spanish and other pre-courses, or as we say in India, Lucky Souls) to witness the Dean's welcome, a tete-a-tete with Career Services and an Investment Banking seminar(?).

Apart from this, the pen-drive also contains a thick student handbook (thick when you print it out, like I did) that covers almost everything that you'd need to know before you hit school, indepth details of the Business Spanish programme and other pre-courses and a set of documents dedicated entirely to Career Services, which talks about resume writing, the career-services handbook and some pre-course work required to be done by students to aid the CS.

The wheels are definitely in motion.

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