jueves, octubre 11, 2007

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You know, I just realised the advantage of courses in the 2nd year ... no mid-term exams!! They used to be right painful throughout the 1st year. Barely 2-3 weeks of classes and bam! there's the mid-term.

Come to think of it, there're hardly any final exams too. Most of the classes I've chosen have projects to be done, but no "exam" as such. Weird as it may sound, I prefer to have exams over projects. It's a day of torture but then you're done. With projects, no matter how much you work, there's always a little bit more that you can perfect.

Anyways, the first years should be off on their annual London Banking Tour. I distinctly remember last year's when about a 100 of us paraded in London in our suits, all carrying bright red umbrellas that one of the banks gave out. Now that's a sight you dont see every day!

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  • I am moving to Barcelona in Jan with my husband who is doing an exchange with IESE, so I was wondering if you can help/ offer advise on how to get furnished apts? ( 2 bedroom, in a fun cool area)

    By Anonymous AnĂ³nimo, at 7:51 a. m.  

  • hey! no updates since looong. Como estas? and pls reply in English! :)


    By Anonymous AnĂ³nimo, at 11:36 a. m.  

  • Hey Anonymous

    Look for apartments in Sarria / Sant Gervasi. If you're coming to IESE, ask your contact in IESE to put you in touch with Jessica Smith, a fellow student, who is helping students on exchange to find accomodation.
    Hope this helps!

    By Blogger Ashwyn, at 2:16 p. m.  

  • Anya - You bet, the 2nd year is as crazy as the first.. tons of work (study + otherwise) so hardly any time to blog. Decided not to do anything else until I posted something today.. so here goes!

    By Blogger Ashwyn, at 2:17 p. m.  

  • Hey, I'll be applying for the IESE YTP this year in a couple of months, do you any Indians who got into YTP in your batch? I just need some guidance with my application.

    By Blogger Dhamodharan, at 9:39 p. m.  

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