viernes, diciembre 21, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

So the last term of 2007 and the second last term of the MBA ended with a bang last night with the Xmas Ball. But before I go into the details of that, a quick recap of what this term has been like.

The way it worked out for me, thanks to the electives, was I only had 1 final exam... which I thought was a good thing. Wrong. The other five courses had group projects, and you invariably end up working with different people on different projects. And trying to manage schedules of everyone do finish one project is a logistical nightmare. But hey, it was fun while it lasted.

Right, back to the Xmas Ball. I almost didn't make it this year - coz the last year's ball was *horrible* and that's putting it lightly. So I'd decided to have a quiet dinner with friends instead. The organiser's last-minute plea made me change my opinion and boy, was I glad! Although, too much booze and too many friends (is there such a thing as too many friends?) is never a good combination, and what ensued was.. in the words of Barney (from How I Met Your Mother -- you have to watch it, its insanely hilarious) "Legen...wait for it....dary!". Enough incriminating pictures were taken to ensure that I'll never be able to run for President, ever.

I'll leave you with some memories from last night -


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    don't name me ! lol rasheeda

    By Anonymous Zee, at 8:09 a. m.  

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