miƩrcoles, enero 31, 2007

Coming soon...

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domingo, enero 21, 2007

Negotiations galore

As days go by, I'm starting to love the second term more and more. It's difficult as hell (with 3 finance courses!) but this is what I came to do the MBA for. Even the most pessimistic of my classmates feel that we're actually learning something of value. Of course it helps that all the professors we have had so far are fantastic. This might sound like a sales pitch, but a) you've got to see it to believe it, and b) No, IESE isn't paying me to say this stuff.

Anyways, this friday, like all fridays, we had 2 continuous classes of negotiations, where we did the exact same exercise that I remembered reading on Noelle's blog exactly a year ago. The class was divided into 2 sections, and our team had to bid for product prices in a competitive market against the other team. We did beautifully - our team decided to take a fall by upping the price, so as to signal to our competitor (which was in another room, and consisted of people from our class itself, but we had no inkling who they were) that we wanted to collaborate and not start a price war.

Our competitors got the idea, and despite tremendous temptations (in the form of multiplying your profits 8 times - and I almost fell for it too, only pausing to listen to the rationale of my team members and maintaining my sanity) both teams, in a non-communicative way (even when we had to send a team rep to speak to the rep from the other team, our respective reps wisely chose not to speak about the prices at all), stuck to the unsaid agreement, as both our respective teams ended up with the most profits in the entire class.

Two things that struck me. One, the success of any venture depends largely on the intelligence that you and the entity that you are dealing with display. Had our competitor not gotten the hint, we would have spiralled into a price war, cutting profits for both of us. Second, I saw teams in my class react the exact same way Noelle had mentioned - that even though some team reps shook hands on a particular price, they failed to get the backing of their teams, thus changing the agreed prices, and resulting in some very un-diplomatic language in the class. It's funny how similar some things remain even when they are so different.

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domingo, enero 14, 2007

News in shorts (no, I'm not wearing them)

1. Term 1 is out, Term 2 is in. We received the results for the courses in Term 1 and I'm happy to inform my 3 readers that I got straight Bs in everything - including the courses for which I had a C in the mid-terms. Term 2 is another story. We take 8 (you read that right.. EIGHT) courses this term, not 6. And that's not including Spanish. I'm happy to be taking the D.I.E.N (the exam that qualifies one to be able to take some courses in Spanish) at the end of the month.

2. Courses in Term 2:
Operational Finance
Human Resource Management
Managerial Accounting
Capital Markets
Marketing, Planning and Implementation.
Markets and Managers
Operations Management


3. Interviews for the summer internships are in full swing (especially IB and Consulting).

4. In Campus News, the Responsible Business Club finally got what they've been rooting for, for so long - a water fountain! Goodbye 400 bottles of plastic per day! A big thank you to Pradeep and the boys!

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lunes, enero 08, 2007

Happy 2007!

... And we're back! In other news, I had a smashing vacation, got really drunk at New Year's, and started school with the news that I've avoided Cs (Fail) in atleast 2 courses. Now let's see how I fare in the other 4.

I also learnt from someone [that I did not think read my blog] that I don't post enough pictures on my blog. Say no more. Let's take a whirlwind tour of Sevilla and Granada.

Barrio Santa Cruz, Sevilla.

Catedral, Sevilla.

View from above, Sevilla.

Alhambra, interiors, Granada.

There.. just saved you 500 euros!

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