lunes, julio 23, 2007

This is going to be an ultra quick post, for 2 reasons - it's my chance to be in bed before 01h30, something I haven't been able to achieve in the past week and a half, and secondly because my prepaid internet card is about to run out in 15 minutes.

I'm in a Madrid hotel room as I type this, and will be here every (week)day until the end of August. I've been genuinely enjoying the last few weeks at work - I'm full time on a market-launch project based here in Madrid, meanwhile supporting another based in Barcelona, so it's a bit of a challenge to juggle both. The option that seems to be working for me is to do one after I get to the hotel after "work". It's hectic, but it's also bloody good experience.

The last couple of weeks have been hectic, even apart from work. The weekend after Pamplona I spent in Madrid, visiting the city for the first time in the past one year that I've been in Spain. It's kind of ironic that I spent 8 hours (one way) on a back-aching bus trip to Madrid and back, only to be told the next that that I was going to be based in Madrid for the next month and a half or so.

Anyways, the last weekend the entire office went on a yacht trip/ race / relaxation weekend to Vigo and what has been voted as the most beautiful beach in Spain, la Playa de Rodas, on an island just off Vigo. If there's a place that resembles Phuket in Spain, this is it. As always, pics to come later.

Ok, I better log out before the card dies on me ... I'd hate to type this all over again.

martes, julio 10, 2007

Los toros y yo..

So the last weekend a bunch of us went over to Pamplona to enjoy la fiesta de San Fermin and then to San Sebastian for the sun, the beach and the food. I'll let the pics do most of the talking.

Pamplona at 04h00

The bulls!

Pitstop enroute to San Sebastian

San Sebastian. (L-R Lizard, Arun, Me, Sun-Sun, Owen, Prasad)

Food, glorious food! Worth going to San Sebastian just for that!

Da gang. L-R Hiro, Brandon, Arun, Me, Ben, Prasad, Sunsun, Owen (cuddling) photographer's wife.

Next stop? Will tell you when the time comes!


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