domingo, enero 27, 2008


Right, so after a number of complaints from people that I didn't know read my blog, I promise to get back to posting regularly.

Last time I checked, I was done with the 1st semester of the 2nd year, and was on my way for the Winter Break. What's changed?

a) We have results from the previous semester, and I did okay.

b) We started with the 2nd and last semester of the MBA... and man, I'm swamped with work. Since I'm interested in consulting, I chose the following courses -
- MADEM (Managerial Decision Models) a.k.a. my favourite class this term. It's a lot of excel modelling, crystal balling and optimizing, but I love this stuff, so I'm enjoying it a lot. It's a *LOT* of work, might I add.

- ENFI2 (Financing Entrepreneurial Opportunities): Perhaps the most heavily subscribed class in the MBA.. or perhaps 2nd most (the first being INTEC which I took last term). Focusses on .. well, financing entrepreneurial opportunities. Good base for someone looking to go into Venture Capital.

- DRIMA (Information Driven Marketing): This class is essentially the MarkStrat game, where teams of marketers have to compete in 2 markets to gain market share and $$$. Lots of fun!

- EMECO (Emerging Economies): After taking INTEC the last term I wondered if another Economics class would interest me (INTEC was my favourite class last term).. and I was pleasantly surprised. The Professor, apart from being the ex-Dean of CEIBS, is very experienced and extremely engaging. Totally worth getting up at 06h30 on a Friday morning... I know!

- SISCI (Management Control): Talks about topics such as budgeting, evaluations (not HR related!), aligning incentives of the employees to the objectives of the company, Transfer pricing etc.

- SMAP (Strategic Marketing Planning): Or in other words, writing an actual marketing plan. Practically every course this term has teamwork, and so does this. We're coming up with a marketing plan to introduce a luxury car by a manufacturer traditionally known for mid-range family cars. Can't talk about the company incase they ask us to sign confidentiality agreements.

c) I accepted an offer from a consulting firm, which means (i) I officially have a job! and (ii) I'm gonna stay in Barcelona atleast for the short to medium term. And on days like today (open terrace barbeque in January!), I kinda feel glad about making that choice.

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