viernes, febrero 10, 2006

I've just been told (rather rudely, might I add) that I'm not gigolo-material (for women only). There goes my internship idea.

It's things like these that get me upset. First it's my office server that has blocked anything and everything to do with blogger. So I write this nice long post about things on my mind (including some funny stuff - lest anyone complain that my blog's "boring"), sent it to myself so I could access it from a cafe, and then in a haste to leave work, deleted it with a bunch of other junk mails.

Anyways, for the people interested, I've put in my papers. It's a little too soon, but this is my notice period and my last day is actually well into April. I realise April itself is too soon, considering the course (do I talk about anything else lately??) starts in September, but -

a) It's been five long years since I've taken a real break (it's always been a Oh-I-gotta-attend-a-wedding break or I-gotta-study break). This time around the only thing on agenda is: unwind. Possibly in Goa. And work out - my "new" year's resolution!

b) Well everyone, repeat, everyone that I have been in touch with seems to suggest that studying as much Spanish and refreshing as much of Financial Accounting are must-do activities before I start IESE in September. May be I could use my break do that as well?

Funny thing is, I could have given the guys at work a month's notice and walked out a free man. But no, I gave them TWO (partly out of the goodness of my heart). So what do these guys do? They tell me "it's too short a notice period and could I please extend it a little." I think two months is a perfectly good time to find a replacement for someone on Mars, I don't know what these guys are talking about.

Recent update: I had a meeting with my super-boss and guess what? Everything's hunky dory. I'm out as planned.

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