viernes, diciembre 22, 2006

End of Term in style

So finally as of wednesday, Term 1 is officially over. During this term, I (in random order) -

>> Was so far out of my comfort zone, I couldn't have imagined.

>> Met more people from different countries than in a Benetton ad.

>> Learnt that the MBA was a marathon, not a sprint, so the best way to finish it was to take it easy and not start at a great burst of speed and lose wind mid-way.

>> Learned to think, to question, to probe rather than to accept facts as they are.

>> Realised some mistakes that I had committed during my career and wished I could undo them.

>> Made a handful (only) of friends that I hope will last for life.

>> Partied more, drank more, laughed harder.

>> Left a city that I used to call home, visited one that I used to call home, and am living in one that's my new home.

>> Learnt a new language.

>> Ended the term in style - with the IESE Annual Christmas Ball!

Pics to follow.

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viernes, diciembre 15, 2006

Crunch Time
Barely 3 days to go before the end-of-term exams. I don't believe it's the end of the term already ... feels like yesterday that everyone was all starry eyed and gawking at the mountain of cases sitting in our pigeon-holes, and in the blink of an eye, they are reduced to, well, ink-blotted, number filled, underlined, highlihted pieces of random paper sitting in files.

Starting Monday, we have our Decision Analysis (I need a miracle here), Corporate Financial Accounting(I will survive!) and Marketing Management (70% weightage on class participation, woo hoo!) exams on one day after another.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the Christmas Break that I'm so looking forward to.. Wish me luck!!

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martes, diciembre 05, 2006

Weekend Plans!

For the uninitiated, this afternoon was the start of the 5-day weekend we have here in Barcelona. Ok, so Thursday is still working, but IESE graciously decided to give us that off too, hopefully to see at least some of us working on our grades! Here's what I plan to do -

Tuesday night - Dinner at Susan's, drinks with the gang in Gracia.

Wednesday - Biking trip to Tibidabo (need to lose some calories, damn), Managerial Communications assignment, Decision Analysis assignment, half of OB assignment. Might catch a movie in the evening.

Thursday - Other half of OB assignment, start with revision of Financial Accounting, revision of Decision Analysis. Something in the night.. maybe that Falafel on La Rambla?

Friday - Biking to Tibidabo or some place else (hopefully), more F.A and D.A revision, cases for Monday and Tuesday, a few cervezas and copas in the night.

Saturday - Cases for Monday and Tuesday, more revision of F.A and D.A, more drinking in the night.

Sunday - Chill. Need to have some energy left for the end-of-term exams that are due in 2 weeks time!

On a different note, the "results" of the internship application are out, and I see a lot of happy faces on campus, and only a few long ones. I'm in the middle. Not ecstatic, but definitely not sad. Life's good. I hope that lasts.

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