martes, marzo 27, 2007

Term 3

The last term before the first year ends is here! I must admit that it hasn't got a warm welcome, considering we had final exams (Term 2), then "a whole weekend" to recover(according to our QM prof), immediately followed by a week of new courses.

Everyone's looking forward to the coming Friday as we take off for Easter Break. A quick word on the third term though. We have 7 courses -

Global Economics
Corporate Finance
Operations Strategy
Quantitative Methods for Management (Half Term)
Competitive Strategy
Leading Organisations (Half Term)
Transforming Organisations and Markets with ICT (Half Term)

- and going by the looks of it, I think I'm gonna enjoy Corporate Finance the most. But its too soon to say. A ver.

Quick update on the weekend. Friday Night - Killer party at A Viva Voz where some 35-40 of us karaoked the night away. Now I have the kind of voice that shouldn't be heard outside the bathroom, so I was pretty reluctant to sing, but its amazing what a couple of beers and some tequila can do!

Here's Ranjeet and I singing ... lets just say something that would cause Madonna to sue both of us.

Bala and Rawan serenading each other..

The night clearly belonged to Hiro and Kenji, with their superb rendition of Livin' on a Prayer!

Meanwhile off-stage, Morgan got busy with what he does best -

... and then some more!

The guys singing "We are the champions"

Just a bunch of really happy people!

Saturday - Killer brunch at Susan's. I have no pictures for this, but believe me when I tell you that we ate like there was no tomorrow. Pancakes, french toast, baked omlette, hash browns, banana cake ... slurp.

Sunday - Killer barbecue at Stefan's where we started eating at 1430 and finished LUNCH at 1900h, with my groupmates from Team A1. Pics to follow.

All in all, a killer weekend. I think I must've eaten a month's worth of calories in 2 days. Now if only I could find those jogging shoes...

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miƩrcoles, marzo 21, 2007

Exams suck...

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate exams? Ever since we started the MBA in September, we seem to have a never ending flow of exams - surprise tests, mid-terms, finals and the cycle repeats itself all over again. I wish IESE just said "Alright, you're good enough, here's your MBA!"

Plus 6 papers over 3 days make me really cranky. We had Capital Markets and Economics today, good thing being neither of them were 3 hrs long. Being half credit courses, the exam only lasted for 1.5 and 2.5 hours respectively.

Due tomorrow is Cost Accounting (shudder - I'm actually blogging just so I can postpone studying) and HRM. Day after: Operations Management (another shudder) and Marketing.

You know how captured spies endure torture by focussing on completely unrelated things to take their mind off the pain. I'm focussing on the Karaoke night on Friday and Sunday's barbecue @ Stefan's. This too shall pass.

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lunes, marzo 12, 2007


Things are going at a break-neck speed of late. Ever since the Multi Culti, we've had, among other usual parties and BOWs (Bar of the Week), the Reverse Random Dinner (which is the opposite of what happens in the first term, where 1st year students get randomly invited to 2nd year students' places for dinner) and the Spring Fling (where students from most european B-schools come to Barcelona to compete against each other).

I'll skip the details, but please check back other students' blogs, there're some pretty fascinating stories making rounds!

Right now, its 2240h, and I need to take my clothes out of the washing machine, do the numbers for tomorrow's Operations Management case (Levi's, for those interested), and re-read the marketing case (Marvel Comics) - not to mention my ongoing fight against drowsiness induced by my cold medication. It's gonna be a long night.

p.s. Is it a coincidence that I'm listening to Everybody's Changing by Keane - "..try to stay awake and remember my name.."??

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